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  1. Adding a bookmark to your mobile home screen

  2. Adding a hyperlink

  3. Adding and removing administrator accounts

  4. Adding images

  5. Adding individual user accounts

  6. Adding Power Point slides to your canvas

  7. Adding templates

  8. Aligning your projected image (video)

  9. Archiving and deleting canvases

  10. August 19, 2016 - Version 1.3 software update

  11. August 25, 2015 Nureva™ ships the Span™ ideation system in North America

  12. Batch uploading group accounts

  13. Batch uploading user accounts

  14. Can I access and display content from a USB stick?

  15. Can I adjust the font size on a note?

  16. Can I connect a computer monitor to the PC connected to the projector?

  17. Can I connect my laptop to the cart?

  18. Can I connect my PC wirelessly to the projector?

  19. Can I import content into my canvas?

  20. Can I move the cart while it is powered on?

  21. Can I set up a Span user account from the cart display?

  22. Can I use Span™ software with other interactive displays?

  23. Can the cart be taken outside?

  24. Can the mobile cart be powered on while the cart lid is closed?

  25. Can the size of the cart's projected image be increased?

  26. Changing or resetting your password

  27. Copying and pasting onto the canvas

  28. Creating a canvas

  29. Creating a flip chart

  30. Creating a note

  31. Creating a sketch

  32. Creating a text box

  33. Creating a version of your canvas

  34. Creating and managing user groups

  35. Creating groups

  36. Creating your account

  37. Da-Lite™ screen - Installation guide

  38. Do I need to add any websites to my Trusted sites list?

  39. Do I need to calibrate touch each time the cart is moved to a new location?

  40. Do I need to use the stylus that came with the cart?

  41. Does the cart need to be in placed in contact with the wall in order to work properly?

  42. Does the cart require an internet connection?

  43. Duplicating your canvas

  44. Editing groups

  45. Editing images

  46. Editing user names

  47. Enabling QuickShare on your canvas

  48. Exporting a canvas

  49. Hardware and tools checklist

  50. How can I get more interactive styluses?

  51. How can I prevent the Windows™ action center from appearing when I'm working at the wall?

  52. How do I calibrate touch on the cart?

  53. How do I deal with warranty and product defects?

  54. How do I get both projectors to have the same color?

  55. How do I open my canvas across multiple displays?

  56. How do I purchase the Span™ system?

  57. How do I recover data after a lost internet connection?

  58. How do I shut down the cart?

  59. How long will it take to fix my defective product?

  60. How many users can access a canvas at the same time from different devices?

  61. How much bandwidth is required for the Span application to operate?

  62. How often should I change the dust filter in the cart projector?

  63. How often should I change the projector dust filter?

  64. I accidentally deleted a canvas, can it be recovered?

  65. Image alignment and projector troubleshooting

  66. Inserting or deleting space in a canvas

  67. Installation best practices

  68. Installation guide and drawings

  69. January 22, 2016 - Version 1.1 software update

  70. July 13, 2017 - R7 software update

  71. Linking displays

  72. Lock panning while working at the wall

  73. March 24, 2017 - R6 software update

  74. March 31, 2016 - Version 1.2 software update

  75. Mobile cart set-up guide and video

  76. My canvas is getting cropped when I zoom in

  77. My projector image is blurry – how do I fix it?

  78. No ink or poor ink

  79. November 24, 2017 – R8.1 software update

  80. November 30, 2016 - Version 1.4 software update

  81. Nureva 2:1 Extended (dual) system loss of touch - November 17, 2017

  82. October 29, 2017 – R8 software update

  83. On-screen image alignment and touch calibration

  84. On-screen image alignment and touch calibration troubleshooting

  85. Organizing your canvases

  86. Projector image brightness and color correction

  87. Projector turns off immediately on start-up - October 19, 2017

  88. Projector user manual

  89. Reduce fan noise with ECO mode

  90. Removing user accounts

  91. Resetting user passwords

  92. Screen share troubleshooting

  93. Screen sharing

  94. Setting up an extended desktop display

  95. Sharing your canvas

  96. Span becomes unresponsive upon logging on to the web app

  97. Specification sheet

  98. Surface comparison chart

  99. Switching a user to a teacher or student account

  100. Technical requirements

  101. The projected image doesn't fit the screen

  102. The Windows™ on-screen keyboard is too big

  103. There's no touch on one side of a double-panoramic system/touch driver icon is red

  104. Touch bubbles/circles on the screen when no one is touching the surface

  105. Touch drivers and Span wall software

  106. Touch drivers crash or close unexpectedly - August 18, 2017

  107. Touch drivers impacted by Windows OS update - October 19, 2017

  108. Touch isn't working

  109. Trimming your WhisperTek™ surface

  110. Turning off external sharing in your subscription

  111. Un-linking displays

  112. Using desktop applications while using the Span wall

  113. Using QuickShare

  114. Using the screenshot function on the wall

  115. Using view-only mode

  116. Warranty, warnings and important information

  117. What are the best USB extenders to use with the Span™ system?

  118. What is the difference between teacher and student accounts?

  119. What is the IP range for the image alignment module and can it be customized?

  120. What voltage can be plugged into the power bar inside the cart?

  121. Where can I download the software and drivers?

  122. WhisperTek™ surface - Installation guide and video

  123. Why doesn't gesture work when I try to resize an image at the wall?

  124. Why doesn't the setup center work with my system?

  125. Why is my canvas loading so slowly while working at the wall?

  126. Why is there color variance between the projectors?

  127. Why isn't my user or group batch upload working?

  128. Why isn't touch working on my cart?

  129. Why isn't touch working properly?

  130. Will the lighting in the room affect the cart's touch functionality?

  131. Will the wall software run on a non-English operating system?

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