Touch drivers and Span wall software

Download and install the touch driver and Span wall software onto the PC(s) connected to the projector(s).
Touch driver
Download v3.1.7

File size: 31.5 MB
Last updated:
Span wall software
Download v1.4

File size: 29.8 MB
Last updated: 11/30/2016
  For minimum operating requirements see the Technical requirements

    Image alignment software
    Download onto the configuration PC (a separate laptop from the PC(s) connected to the projectors).    

    Download NAM_AP_1P1P4

    File size: 7.2 MB
    Last updated: 1/14/2016

    Download GB102_AP_3P6P3

    File size: 9.7 MB
    Last updated: 8/22/2015

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