Technical requirements

Before you install the Nureva™ Span™ system we recommend you meet or exceed the minimum requirements for the system. 

User devices
iPad app
Available in these countries
Android™ tablet app
Available in these countries  
Laptop/desktop browser Chrome™ v.52+ 
Safari® 9.1+ (running Mac OS X 10.10+)

Supported image files

PC connected to the projector
Span Wall and touch driver requirements
Windows® 10 (64 bit only)
.NET Framework 4.6 or higher
Hardware requirements
Image resolution 1920 x 720 at 60Hz
Processor Minimum Intel i5 or higher (64bit)
RAM 4 GB minimum. Recommend 8 GB+
Hard disk 2 GB of available space required
Video memory 1 GB RAM
USB 2.0 port
HDMI port (1 for each projector)
Graphics processor with DirectX® 9.0 compatible or better

To see all the hardware and parts you must supply in order to install your Span system, see the Hardware and tools checklist.

For hardware specifications for a wall mounted system, see the Specification sheet.

For the hardware specifications for a mobile system, see the Specification sheet.

The declaration of these specifications is not an expression of guaranteed performance in any of the environments listed.

Last updated: July 12, 2017
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