August 19, 2016 - Version 1.3 software update

Span version 1.3 is available on August 19, 2016. With the release of Span version 1.3 the following features have been added:

1. Sharing
  • A canvas owner can invite members of their subscription as well as guests (persons with no Span subscription) to participate by simply entering an email address
  • Guests can try Span software with all available features (limited to create 1 canvas and participate in 1 canvas)
2. Duplication and versioning
  • Create versions of your canvas and view previous versions
  • Duplicate a canvas via the wall or any of the apps
3. Text boxes
  • Span users can add up to 2000 characters in a text box that is resizeable
  • Copy and paste text into these containers or type directly into them
  • There are ten font colors available for text
4. Inking
  • Ten font colors available for inking on sketches, flipcharts and groups
  • Users are now able to add ink on a group. Ink added to a group moves with the group
5. Note sizes and colors
  • Ten color options for notes
  • Magnifier to toggle between two note sizes
6. Edit via the individual apps
  • Edit and delete notes, text boxes, sketches, images & groups from the web app, iOS app or Android app
  • Images, groups and text boxes can now also be pinned from the apps
7. Getting started tutorials
  • Users of the Span personal apps will have a selection of videos to support use of the basic functions of the software
8. Access Applications
  • Access applications, copy, paste and capture content directly onto your Span canvas when using the Span wall software
For more information and details on the features in version 1.3, please visit our customer support portal.

Update process
To complete the update process to Span software version 1.3, customers using individual apps will be advised of the update and automatically updated to the new versions.

For this version only, customers with the Span wall software are required to uninstall version 1.2 and download and install version 1.3. This is required to have a universal roll-out of a new block of code. All data on canvases are unaffected by the update. Once the update is completed, users can login and resume working on their canvases.

Known issues
  • Auto update from the Span wall software may go into an infinite loop – users who launch Span wall software version 1.2 may experience Span going into an infinite loop as it attempts to complete the auto-update sequence. 
Solution: Terminate the Span process via the Task Manager, uninstall Span version 1.2 using the Windows Control Panel and then download Span version 1.3 ( Install and run the Span software
Note: Check the download link to ensure the version of the new software is 1.3.x prior to starting the download.

Should there be questions or feedback about the features and functions of Span version 1.3 please visit our customer support portal or contact us at

Last updated: August 18, 2016

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