Creating a text box


Create text boxes for your canvas within the NurevaSpanideation system from the Span app on your tablet, your PC's Chrome™   or Safari® browser or while working on the wall. Text boxes allow you to use more words than a sticky note, and they can be resized to create titles and categories for your canvas. 

Create a text box

From your device
1. Select Text from the toolbar
2. Either type the words or copy and paste them into the box. Select a new font color if you wish.
3. If necessary, use the menu to duplicate or delete your text box. Selecting Duplicate will create a second text box in your tray, and selecting Delete will remove the text box from your tray.

The text box will automatically be added to your tray. The items in your tray are visible only to you. You can edit the text while it is still in your tray by double clicking it. Once you drag and drop your note onto the canvas, it becomes visible to all the canvas participants.

On the wall  
Add a text box from the menu
1. Press and hold your finger or stylus on the wall to bring up the menu
2. Tap Text
3. Double tap the text box to open the editing box. Add text and change the font color if you wish.
4. Tap Done to close the editing box

Copy and paste text directly onto the wall
1. Tap the applications icon on the far right of the canvas menu bar to get access to your files, applications and Internet browsers  

2. Open the document or web page with the text you wish to add to your canvas and copy the text
3. Press and hold the canvas to bring up the menu 
4. Tap Paste. This will add the text you copied onto the canvas in a text box.
NOTE: If the copied text has less than 75 characters, a Note will be automatically created 

Edit a text box

Once a text box has been added to your canvas, resize it by tapping on the text and dragging the corner of the outline. The text will automatically resize.

Use the three-dot menu on the top-right corner to
- Edit text: Open the editing box. You can also double tap to open the editing box.
- Pin
Attach the text box to the canvas background and prevent it from being moved. To undo pinning, open the menu again and select Unpin.
- Duplicate: Create a duplicate of the text box directly on the canvas
- Select a new font color
- Delete: Delete the text box from the canvas. This action cannot be undone.

Last updated: August 15, 2016

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