Creating groups


Use groups to organize notes, images, sketches and flip charts on your canvas while using Nureva™ Span™ ideation software. Content added to a group moves together when the group is moved around the canvas. Groups can be placed within a larger group to help with categorization and organization. 

Create a group 

From your device
1. Select Group from the toolbar
2. Give the group a title

3.The group will automatically be added to your tray where it is only visible to you. Once you drag and drop the group onto your canvas, it becomes visible to the other canvas participants. You can edit the group's title, duplicate or delete the group from your tray or from the canvas by double clicking it.

4. Add notes, images, sketches and text boxes to the group either by dragging the items inside the group or by tapping on the group and using the corner to drag the group around the items     

On the wall

1. Press and hold to bring up the menu
2. Tap Group
3. Double tap the group to open the editing box and add a title 
4. Click Done to close the editing box

Group menu
Tap the three-dot menu on the right corner of the group to open the drop-down menu.
Edit: Change the title of the group
Pin: Attach the group to the canvas background to prevent it from being moved. To undo pinning, open the menu again and select Unpin
Duplicate: Create a copy of the group and all the content inside of the group
Delete: Remove the group and all of its content from the canvas. Deleting a group cannot be undone.

- Start inking (wall only): Add drawings and notations to your group


You can add smaller groups inside larger groups to create subgroups. The subgroups will move when the larger group is moved, and you have the option to pin the subgroups to prevent them from moving while you arrange content within the larger group. Keep in mind that deleting the large group will delete all of the subgroups and content inside of it. 

Last updated: August 19, 2016

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