Creating a note


Create notes to add to your canvas within the Nureva™ Span™ ideation system from the Span app on your tablet, your PC's Chrome™ or Safari® browser or while working on the wall

Create a Note 

From your device
1. Select Note from the toolbar 
2. Add text to your note 
3. Select a color to assist with organizing and categorizing
4. If necessary, use the menu to duplicate or delete your note. Selecting Duplicate will create a second note in your tray and selecting Delete will remove the note from your tray.

The note will automatically be added to your tray. The items in your tray are visible only to you. You can edit the note while it is still in your tray by double clicking it. Once you drag and drop your note onto the canvas, it becomes visible to all the canvas participants.

To quickly create multiple notes while on your device, hold the Shift key and press Enter to create the next note.

Double click to edit a note that has been added to the canvas. From here you can add text or select Duplicate or Delete from the menu. Duplicating will add a second note directly onto the canvas and deleting will remove the note from the canvas.

On the wall  
1. Press and hold your finger or stylus on the wall to bring up the menu
2. Tap Note
3. Double tap the note to open the editing box and add text 

4. Select a color to assist with organizing and categorizing
5. Tap Done to close the editing box 

Last updated: August 10, 2016

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