March 31, 2016 - Version 1.2 software update

Span has updated to version 1.2:

New software features

  • Users can add templates to their canvases to organize notes, images, sketches, and groups. The items added to a template move together when the template is moved around the canvas. 
  • Some templates include hot spots that help categorize content into groups within the template
  • Some templates include colored hot spots that change the color of notes added to templates to match the color of that area

Improved inking while working on the wall
  • Annotations and sketches have smoother calligraphic ink

Improved groups
  • Users can pin groups within groups 
  • Groups light up to indicate when a user either adds or removes an item from that group

Education subscriptions
  • Administrators designate users as students or teachers
  • Parent consent is required to add a student to the software 
  • Teachers can create canvases and add students as either canvas owners or participants. 

Improved image alignment with the Span setup center
  • New image alignment software for the NAM2-1 image alignment module eliminates the need for a configuration PC
  • Improved intuitive user interface

Triple panoramic configuration and surround configuration are now available
The software now supports configurations with 3 projectors and 3 PCs. For more information on the supported system configurations, please see our website’s hardware page.

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