January 22, 2016 - Version 1.1 software update

Nureva™ Span™ ideation software has automatically updated to version 1.1.

Action required

The software update will reset your system’s display settings. If you are using a dual system, you will need to pair your displays the first time you launch the software after the update. Follow the steps in this article: Pairing displays.

New software features

Improved administrator log in
- Universal log in page allows administrators and participants to log in from the same page
- Administrators who also have participant accounts can access their subscriptions and their canvases without needing to switch between accounts

Improved user management
- Add participants to a canvas while working on the wall

Increased functionality on the apps
- Move notes, images, sketches, flip charts and groups on the canvas while working on the apps
- Create groups and group items together on the canvas from the apps

Press-and-hold menu
- Press and hold the canvas anywhere on the wall to bring up the canvas menu and create notes, sketches, flip charts and groups

Annotation on images
- Double tap an image while working at the wall to add annotations in black, white, red or blue ink

Improved inking
- Sketching, writing and annotating are smoother

Wider range of compatible operating systems
- Windows® 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.10 and Mac OS X 10.11
- See the Technical summary for details

New configuration options for the dual-projector WM220 models

With version 1.1 of Span software, customers now have a choice on how to setup a WM220 system.

One-PC setup
- Use touch driver v.1.1.1 to setup the WM220 model using a single computer
- This is the best option for customers who want to dedicate their system for use with Span software
- Advantages include a simplified installation, faster login to Span software and zero latency when panning or moving items across the center point of the canvas

Two-PC setup
- Use your current touch driver and two-PC configuration
- This the best option for customers who want the flexibility to split their 20' (6.1 m) wide image between two different applications
- Log in to the Span system from both computers, and the software automatically creates one seamless canvas as though the system were operating as a single computer

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