Image alignment and projector troubleshooting

Screen freezes and software on a configuration PC to align the projected images
    When using the image alignment software on a configuration computer to align the two projected images, the screen will refresh each time you use the arrow keys to move the adjust the image. Allow the screen to refresh completely before pressing the arrow key again. If the keys are being pressed too quickly, the software will appear to freeze while it processes the image adjustments. 

    Last updated: 
    April 25, 2016
 Issues using the Span setup center


  Screen is flashing purple / magenta
    Once the alignment module has been connected, the projected image will flash purple / magenta if the resolution settings on the projector computer and the alignment module do not match.

    Last updated: 
    December 8, 2016

  The projected image is not filling the whole screen or appears stretched
    1. Set the computer resolution to:
    a. Exit Span software or any other programs you may have running
    b. Right click on the desktop and navigate to Graphics Properties (this may vary depending on your computer)
    c. Under Select Display, ensure either Digital Television NAM2-1 is selected depending on which image alignment module your system has
    d. Select the correct resolution from the Resolution drop-down menu 
    WM210i (NSPi-1 projectors) - 1920 x 720 60 Hz
    WM307i (NSPi1080-1 projectors) - 1920 x 1080 60 Hz
    e. Ensure the refresh rate is set to 60Hz 
    f. Click Ok to apply the settings 

    2. Maintain scaling on your video card driver software
    a. Right click on the desktop and navigate to Graphics Properties (this may vary depending on your PC)
    b. Select Display
    c. Under Scaling, select Maintain Display Scaling 
    f. Click Ok to apply the settings   

    Last updated: December 8
    , 2016

  What do the LED lights on the projector indicate? (LED state map)

    Last updated: 
    October 2015

  Remote control is not working
    1. Ensure you have removed the clear plastic tab from the bottom of the remote

    2. Reseat the battery as it may have shifted while in transport

    Last updated: 
    January 2016

  One projector is dimmer or discolored compared to the second projector in a multiple projector system

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