Trimming your WhisperTek™ surface


Your WhisperTek surface can be trimmed down to size with a few simple tools:

         Retractable utility knife with a fresh blade

         48" (120 m) long standard drywall T-square

          Hard surface  – such as a milled and planed flat board

          10 cm wide painter's tape – or masking tape

          Work gloves


Trimming your WhisperTek surface

  1. Lay the WhisperTek surface on a hard surface on the floor. The hard surface will protect the floor from the knife blade.
  2. Mark the cutline at 86" (2.18m)

  1. Align the T-square to the cutline. You can tape the left edge of the T-square to keep it from moving.

  1. Drag the knife edge along the full length of the cutline to score the surface. Do not press too hard on your first cut.
  2. Repeat the cut 23 times until the knife blade cuts through the WisperTek surface into the hardboard

 For new WM307i installs, order the WhisperTek HD surface.

Last updated: September 5, 2017

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