July 13, 2017 - R7 software update

Span software has been updated to release 7. With the update, the following new features will be available:
  • Screen sharing - share your desktop or a specific application from your personal computer to a Span canvas. The live content can be viewed by anyone who has the canvas open
  • Canvas controls - an on/off toggle that allows a team lead or teacher to put the canvas into view-only mode, limiting participants from adding content to a canvas
  • Hyperlinks - add links to a note, sketch, text box, image, flip chart, group or template that launch directly to a browser
  • Improved bulk upload - administrators can now create groups and assign users to groups (or classes) as a part of the bulk upload process
  • Quick tools menu – a menu bar that provides immediate access to frequently used functions
  • Improved inking capability - decreased pixilation when resized on sketches and images
  • Browsers supported - Span software can be used in the Edge browser. Additionally, Span software is now accessible on the following mobile browsers: iOS Chrome, iOS Safari and Android Chrome 
The Span wall software will auto-update on the first login after the update. An auto-update dialog will guide users through the process, which should take less than a minute. Span apps (Android™ and iOS®) will not be updated. Once the update is complete, users can log in and enjoy the many new features in Span software.

Things to note:
  • Both the screen sharing and access via mobile browsers are features in preview mode
  • While the view only canvas control is turned on, users can contribute via the QuickShare feature
  • Groups will no longer be put into edit mode by double-tapping. All other objects can still be put into edit mode by double-tapping
  • Windows 8.1 is now an unsupported operating system for Span wall software. Current installations on Win 8 will continue to work as expected
Known issues:
  • When using the Edge browser text in some items on a Span canvas, e.g. a note or textbox, may be truncated
  • When using the Screen sharing feature some desktop applications (e.g. AutoCAD, Illustrator, 3D games) that have a hardware acceleration feature may render slower than others, and in some instances may be partially rendered in the sharing window.
Work continues to resolve all known issues and minimize their impact on the use of the Span software. If you have questions regarding the update process or the features in Span software, please contact us at support@nureva.com. Further information and instructional documentation, including animated GIFs, is available on our customer support portal

Last updated: July 13, 2017

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