March 24, 2017 - R6 software update

Release 6 of Span software has been completed and all of the new software features are now available to users.  

New features
Quick share - a feature allowing contributions to a Span canvas from a mobile device

Backgrounds - users will have the choice of 6 patterns and 10 colors as backgrounds for their canvas

 Adding digital space - users can add up to 200 additional feet of space to a canvas

New toolbar - a single column, docked toolbar will be in both the Wall and Apps

Scroll bar - now available when using the wall software

Password reset option for Education subscriptions

Updated touch driver - updates to the drivers to version 3.26

Update process
The Span wall software will auto-update on the first login after the update. An auto-update dialog will guide users through the process which should take less than a minute. Span apps (Android™ and iOS®) will also be updated. The Span app will quickly auto-update when launched. Users will be prompted to download and install the new touch driver.

Last updated: March 24, 2017

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