Editing images


Once you have added an image, use the editing features to add ink, resize, rotate, duplicate or delete the image. You can also pin the image to the canvas background to keep it in place while you work on your canvas. 

Start editing an image by using one of these three methods:
  • Double-click on the image
  • Click the edit icon from the quick tools menu  
  • Select Edit from the three-dot menu

  1. Use the ink and eraser to add and edit drawings and notations

Change the color and the weight of your ink using the edit toolbar.
  1. Click the done checkmark when finished

Rotating an image

  1. Open the editing box

  1. Use the rotating arrow to rotate the image
  2. Click Done when finished

Duplicate or delete the image

  1. Duplicate the image by either clicking the duplicate icon    in the quick tools menu or selecting Duplicate from the three-dot menu
From your browser: If the image is in your tray, it will create a duplicate in your tray. If the image is on the canvas, it will create a duplicate directly on the canvas.

  1. Select Delete from the three-dot menu to remove the image from your tray or the canvas

Resize an image

Images can be resized on the wall by any of the following methods:
  • Use the same gesture you would use to zoom in and out on an image using a touch screen (for the wall software)
  • Click the increase    or decrease    icons to change the image's size 
  • Click the number between the increase and decrease icons and type in a scale for the image (minimum 100, maximum 400)
  • Drag the resize handle to adjust the image's size

Pin the image to the canvas

  1. Click the pin icon    from the quick tools menu, or select Pin from the three-dot menu to attach the screen share to the canvas background and prevent it from being moved 
  2. To undo pinning, open the menu again and select Unpin

Last updated: October 25, 2017

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