Creating a flip chart


Add a flip chart to your canvas while working at the wall to create a large digital workspace with multiple pages.  

Create a flip chart from:
  • Span™ wall software
Note: Only the flip chart page displayed on the wall will be visible from the web app.

Create a flip chart

  1. Press and hold your stylus or finger on the canvas to bring up the menu
  2. Click Flip chart

  1. Use the quick tools bar to
    duplicate the flip chart

     pin or unpin the flip chart to the canvas

  —  open the link (will only appear if a hyperlink has been added to the note) 

Click the three-dot menu at the top-right corner of the flip chart for the following options:
  • Edit: Draw and write on your flip chart. You can also double-click the flip chart to open the editing box. Click Done to close the editing box.
  • Duplicate: Creates an identical flip chart
  • Pin: Attach the flip chart to the canvas background to prevent it from being moved. To undo pinning, open the menu again and select Unpin.
  • Add link: Add a hyperlink to the flip chart (see Adding a hyperlink)
  • Delete: Remove the entire flip chart and all its pages from the canvas. Deleting a flip chart cannot be undone.

  1. Click the plus sign on the tray to create additional pages. Select the page you wish to work on to bring it to the top of the flip chart.

  1. Use the three-dot menu on the individual page to duplicate or delete that page

Last Updated:  July 12, 2017

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