November 30, 2016 - Version 1.4 software update

Span software has been updated to version 1.4 and all of the new software features are now available to users.

New features
 - Lock panning on the canvas while working at the wall
- Create and manage user groups

 - Bulk upload user accounts

 - Manage canvases using sorting, searching, tags, starring, and archiving

 - Resize images on the wall using gesture

 - iOS 10 certification

- Image alignment enhancements

 Update process
All users will be required to update the software when next they attempt to login. An auto-update dialog will guide users through the process which should take less than a minute. Users of the Span apps (Android™, iPad, Safari® or Chrome™ browser) will also see a quick auto-update. Once the update is complete, users can log in and enjoy the many new features in Span software.

Known issues
 - Deleting a user from a subscription prevents them from logging into Span software even if they are a guest user on another subscription. The user must create a trial account in order to log in again and access their guest canvas

 - Deleting a group with a large number of users or a large number of canvases and data associated with the group may time out and trigger an error message

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