Batch uploading user accounts


Administrators are responsible for allocating the licenses available within their software subscription.The administrator has the ability to remove users, edit accounts and reassign available accounts. All administrative tasks are completed via your PC's Chrome or Safari browser.  Follow the steps below to upload multiple users at once from a .csv or .txt file.

Prepare the file

1. Create a spreadsheet with the following headers on the first line as illustrated below 
Email – Mandatory header 
Firstname – Optional header, users can edit this information once they log into their account
Lastname – Optional header, users can edit this information once they log into their account
Password – Optional header. If you do not specify a password, the users will receive a welcome email which will allow them to set their own password. If you do specify a password, no welcome email will be generated and you will need to inform each user of their password. All passwords must be at least 6 characters long.
Role – Education subscriptions only. Specify if the user is a Teacher or a Student.

2. Populate the spreadsheet with the necessary information. The maximum number of users allowed to be imported at one time is 1000 users.

3. Save the spreadsheet as a .csv or .txt file. If the file is not saved in this format, you will not be able to upload it to the software 

Upload the file

1. Go to and log in to your account
2. If you do not have a user account, logging in will bring you directly to your subscriptions. If you have a user account, click your name on the right corner and select Subscriptions from the drop-down menu.  
3. click on Users
4. Click +Import users at the top of the screen and select the .csv or .txt file you prepared in the previous step

5. The user information will appear on your screen. The status column indicates if there is an issue with any of the user information and the check box allows you to deselect any users you do not wish to include in your upload. If necessary, click Edit  to change any of the user's information before adding them to the software. 

6. Once you have reviewed user information and are ready to add the users to the software, click Add Users. A dialog box will display the upload's progress. You can stop upload at any time by clicking the Stop button.
Note: If you are adding students to an education subscription must confirm you have obtained parental consent in order to complete the upload. 

7. Users that were successfully added will now be listed under the Users Added table. Any users that did not upload successfully will remain listed under Not Added and will have the reason for the upload failure under the status column. Click Edit to correct the necessary information before attempting to add those users again. 

Last updated: November 15, 2016

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