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    1. Touch drivers and Span wall software
    2. Specification sheet
  2. Getting started 

    1. Creating your account
    2. Creating a canvas
    3. Sharing your canvas
    4. Changing or resetting your password
    5. Adding a bookmark to your mobile home screen
  3. Installing your system 

    1. Installation guide and drawings
    2. Hardware and tools checklist
    3. Installation best practices
    4. Projector user manual
    5. Aligning your projected image (video)
  4. Configuring your Span system 

    1. Technical requirements
    2. On-screen image alignment and touch calibration
    3. Setting up an extended desktop display
    4. Linking displays
    5. Un-linking displays
  5. Using Span™ software 

    1. Creating a note
    2. Creating a sketch
    3. Creating a text box
    4. Creating a flip chart
    5. Adding images
  6. Managing your subscription  

    1. Adding and removing administrator accounts
    2. Adding individual user accounts
    3. Batch uploading user accounts
    4. Batch uploading group accounts
    5. Creating and managing user groups
  7. Mobile cart 

    1. Mobile cart set-up guide and video
    2. How do I calibrate touch on the cart?
    3. Do I need to calibrate touch each time the cart is moved to a new location?
    4. Does the cart need to be in placed in contact with the wall in order to work properly?
    5. Why isn't touch working on my cart?
  8. Hardware troubleshooting and FAQs 

    1. Warranty, warnings and important information
    2. What do the LEDs on the projector mean?
    3. Touch isn't working
    4. Touch bubbles/circles on the screen when no one is touching the surface
    5. No ink or poor ink
  9. Software troubleshooting and FAQs 

    1. On-screen image alignment and touch calibration troubleshooting
    2. How do I open my canvas across multiple displays?
    3. The projected image doesn't fit the screen
    4. Screen share troubleshooting
    5. Can I import content into my canvas?
  10. Product news and updates 

    1. November 24, 2017 – R8.1 software update
    2. Nureva 2:1 Extended (dual) system loss of touch - November 17, 2017
    3. October 29, 2017 – R8 software update
    4. Touch drivers impacted by Windows OS update - October 19, 2017
    5. Touch drivers crash or close unexpectedly - August 18, 2017
  11. All articles 

    1. How do I purchase the Span™ system?
    2. Warranty, warnings and important information
    3. On-screen image alignment and touch calibration troubleshooting
    4. Technical requirements
    5. Mobile cart set-up guide and video
    134 articles 

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